Welcome to Wiwitness, the best testimonial plugin for your WordPress site.

Wiwitness is a  tool to collect, manage and display verifiable testimonials on your website. Getting started with Wiwitness is very easy and simple. You can have testimonials on your WordPress site within minutes.


  1. Single central dashboard to control testimonial approval, prioritization and displaying.
  2. Tools to help you in collecting verifiable testimonials quickly, easily, painlessly and systematically.
  3. Widgets on your website that enable prospects to verify testimonials in real time and make them want to buy from you.
  4. RWD business page with testimonials to increase your website quality score on search engines.

Get started

  1. Go to Wiwitness website, follow Quick Action Guide to create a page for your business.
  2. Collect testimonials from your advocates, clients and influencers in your field.

    Testimonial collection form for online business
    Form to collect socially verifiable testimonial for your business
  3. Approve/reject and prioritize collected testimonial using Wiwitness Dashboard.
  4. Create a widget to add these testimonials to your WordPress site. See the screenshot below, and copy your “widget key”.

    Wiwitness testimonial widget
    Creating a testimonial widget in Wiwitness Page Dashboard.
  5. Download Wiwitness plugin for WordPress, upload it to your WordPress site(help)
  6. Activate the plugin and initialize it with the Widget-Key from step #4 above.

    Adding widget key to Wiwitness plugin for WordPress
    Configure Wiwitness Plugin in WordPresss
  7. That’s all. Then you can place that Wiwitness plugin anywhere you want on your website. This is how it’d look: